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These Terms of Use (Terms and Conditions) constitute a contract containing the terms, restrictions and conditions that govern your use of the payment system (the "System") that Bapro Payments Media SA CUIT: 30-70495034-5 (BMPSA, Province Net, us, our and similar terms as appropriate) available to the person interested in its use (the "User") on the Site https://dnm.provincianet.com .ar / (the "Site").




a) Registration. To access the service is mandatory prior registration on the Site by completing the registration form in all fields with valid data and accurate, precise and true ("Personal Data"). The User undertakes to update the Personal Data as necessary. BMPSA NOT responsible for the accuracy of the personal information provided by its users. Users guarantee and respond, in any case, the truthfulness, accuracy, completeness, validity and authenticity of the personal data entered. All information and personal data entered by the user have an affidavit. BMPSA reserves the right to request receipts and / or additional information in order to corroborate the information provided by a User on Personal Data, as well as temporarily or permanently to those users whose data have not been confirmed. BMPSA reserves the right to refuse an application for registration or to cancel or discontinue, temporarily or permanently a Virtual Account, if it detects inconsistencies or inconsistencies in the information provided by a User or if suspicious activity without such decision User generated for the rights of indemnity or compensation. A case of inaccuracy, misrepresentation or inconsistencies in the information provided by a User, BMPSA is exempted from liability for any delay, refusal or inability to manage the payments requested.

b) By registering with the Site, the User will be allowed to make payments by means of payment authorized by BMPSA to this effect through income to your Virtual Account which is personal, unique, non-transferable and assigned to a single user. The User will access your Virtual Account by entering your username and password chosen personal safety ("Key Entry"). For the safety of the user's secret key transferable and therefore the User assumes that its disclosure to third parties BMPSA released from liability for the consequences resulting therefrom. The User shall be solely liable for all transactions on your Virtual Account.



a) Payment instruction. Payment instructions ("Operations and Application Management Payment") only made on the Site. You are only valid instructions reflected in the Virtual User Account. May not give instructions by telephone, fax, email or any other means other than System, which is not authorized by BMPSA, most vividly. The user may instruct BMPSA to perform an operation, so that the user, through BMPSA pay using the platform provided by BMPSA on the Site. The Parties agree that the payment instructions timely completion shall be governed by these terms and conditions (together with the specific conditions of each Application for Payment Management).

b) Irrevocable command. When requesting a transaction is made, the User shall give an irrevocable mandate to BMPSA to pay for their account and order a specific sum of money in relation to which instructed and complete the Request for Payment Management. The mandate given by the user implies authorization to dispose on behalf of certain funds and transfer the funds to a recipient, by means of payment authorized by BMPSA to that effect. BMPSA not use User Funds for purposes other than those instructed by the user.

c) Celebration of Operation. Operations will be held by sending by User of an online form where instructions are detailed regarding the operations and funds. BMPSA reserves the right not to process any transactions that are incomplete or where there are discrepancies between the data supplied by the Users and input data effectively BMPSA BMPSA or because it sees fit, without having to justify its decision. The responsibility for payment instructions and their consequences corresponds to the User. BMPSA escapes the obligation that gave rise to the payment instruction, so it is not required to verify the cause, the amount, the recipient or other circumstances relating to the payment instruction is not responsible for the completeness, timeliness payment or acceptance. BMPSA not responsible for the delivery and / or delivery in a timely manner, of the goods and / or services paid through the site.

d) Improving the Application. Instruction Payment shall not be considered perfect and BMPSA not assume responsibility or liability until (i) BMPSA has not accepted the Payment Instruction (clarifies that BMPSA may refuse to comply with the instruction without giving reason or reason and therefore may be imputed liability), and (ii) the User does not have sufficient funds in their accounts, or media enabled for it.

e) Responsibility for the Application. BMPSA not be responsible for orders, instructions, Applications Management Payment and / or wrong or incomplete payments caused by incorrect entry of e-mail, or any other relevant amount recipient information or payment transaction made by User .

f) BMPSA responsibility for payment instructions. BMPSA not be responsible nor guarantee the fulfillment of the obligations assumed would Users with third parties relating to payments to be made through the Site. You acknowledge and agree that the transactions with third parties do so at your own will, with their consent freely and at their own risk and responsibility. In any case BMPSA be liable for lost profits or any other damage and / or damage that may have occurred User due to transactions or unrealized through the Site. Under that BMPSA is unconnected with the obligation that gave rise to the payment instruction, BMPSA not be responsible or verify the cause, size, or any other circumstances relating to the Transaction, as well as regarding the existence, quality, quantity, performance, state, completeness or legitimacy of the goods or services acquired or disposed of by the Users and paid using BMPSA as well as the ability to hire Users and truthfulness of personal data by them admitted. In the event that one or more users or any third party initiate any claim or legal action against one or more other users, each and every one of the users involved in such claims or actions exempt from any liability BMPSA and its directors, officers, employees agents, operators, representatives and agents.



a) Delivery of the Funds by the user. Once accepted by BMPSA an operation, the user must send BMPSA the amount of money needed to meet the payment instruction. The User deliver the Funds BMPSA using any means available for that purpose authorized by BMPSA, otherwise no such request was processed.

b) Limits. BMPSA determine a maximum amount for Operations, which amount may vary depending on the payment method, type of application, operation and / or criteria BMPSA and even may be amended at any time be sufficient publication on the Site.



a) Capacity. The system is not available to those who lack legal capacity to contract under the law applicable to the transaction or for those users who have been suspended or disqualified BMPSA system, temporarily or permanently.

b) User statements. Prohibited Uses. You represent that the object for which the Request for Payment Management is celebrated not violate any applicable law or is for a service, sale or transfer is prohibited by law or the Terms and Conditions of BMPSA. If BMPSA believes there is a suspicion or evidence of the use of BMPSA for any activity prohibited by law or the Terms and Conditions of BMPSA may refuse, cancel or suspend a Request for Payment Management, and / or temporarily block access and use of a Virtual Account and / or the use or availability of features and / or permanently cancel a Virtual Account. In this case, the user may answer for damages that may be caused to BMPSA, its parent, subsidiaries, affiliates or subsidiaries, officers, employees, directors, agents and / or employees, whose effects BMPSA reserves the right to initiate judicial or extrajudicial actions deemed appropriate. The User shall be the sole and unlimitedly liable for the damages that his conduct might cause to other Users BMPSA or services BMPSA.

c) BMPSA is no financial institution. It is expressly clarified that BMPSA is not a financial institution or provide the User any bank or exchange service. BMPSA only provides a management service payments for and on behalf of the users according to the conditions set out in the Terms and Conditions of Service Payment Management.

d) Payments in Foreign Currency. All payments must be made in local currency. The exchange rate to be taken into consideration for converting US dollars into Argentine pesos will be the selling exchange rate published at the previous day on the website www.bna.com.ar.

e) Security and confidentiality of personal data. BMPSA not sell, rent or negotiate with other companies the personal information of Users. These data will be used to provide staging operations. However, BMPSA may share such information with providers of value added services that integrate within the Site or through links to other Internet sites, to meet the needs of the users related to the services provided BMPSA. All personal information is transmitted through a secure website. Personal information is stored on servers or magnetic media that maintain high safety standards. BMPSA will use its best efforts to maintain the confidentiality and security referred to in this section, but is not liable for damages that may result from the violation of such measures by third parties that use public networks or the Internet to access this information.

f) Limitation of Liability. BMPSA not be liable for delays or faults produced in access, performance and operability of the Site, its content, nor for any interruption, suspension or malfunction of the Site. The system may occasionally be unavailable due to technical difficulties or failures of internet links or any other circumstance beyond BMPSA and Users NO may impute liability to BMPSA or to require any compensation, under damage from above difficulties. Also, BMPSA not responsible (except malice or gross negligence of BMPSA qualified as such by a final judgment of a competent tribunal) by:

(i) costs, damages, losses or damages, direct or indirect, resulting from access to or misuse by the User of the content of the Site;

(ii) delays, interruptions or failures to internet service or navigation that would prevent or hinder access to, or download or view the contents of the Site;

(iii) costs, damages, losses or damages, direct or indirect, caused by virus or system failures of any kind, as hamper the User;

(iv) the information and materials contained in the Site, including without limitation text, graphics, logos, trademarks, database third, hyperlinks and other intellectual property and / or industrial, or by suppression, cancellation and / or modification of thereof;

(v) expenses, damages or losses caused by improper or negligent use User cause disclosure to third parties of your password or other content of the Site; and

(vi) expenses, damages or losses caused by the intrusion of unauthorized third parties the names of the members.

g) Limited License. All intellectual and industrial rights on the Site, Codes, development, software, hardware, domain, logos, emblems, logos, designs, structure, content, information, etc. are owned by BMPSA and / or its parent, subsidiaries, affiliates or subsidiaries. Under no circumstances does the user have some sort of right over them.

h) Modifications of the Terms and Conditions. BMPSA may amend the Terms and Conditions at any time by public on the Site amended terms. All amended terms become effective ten (10) days of its publication. Within five (5) days following the publication of the changes, the user must notify days by e-mail if you do not accept them; then stand dissolved the contractual relationship and will be disabled as User provided they have no outstanding debts. After this period, the User shall be deemed to accept the new terms and the contract will continue to bind both parties.

i) Termination of Contract. BMPSA and Service User may at any opportunity term of this contract finish it without expressing any cause, which will mean the closure of the Virtual Account, but not suspend compliance with all Applications Management Payment and authorized by User when notice of termination. Also, BMPSA may, for breach of the User to the terms of this contract or applicable law in the matter, terminate the Service without any notice, reserving the right to claim any damages that such failure has caused.

j) Documentation. Users may make copies of the documentation relating to the Contract. The User irrevocably authorizes BMPSA and / or who BMPSA designate, to record user operations on the services provided by BMPSA, and to use such recordings as evidence in administrative and / or judicial authorities. The certificates issued by BMPSA be considered sufficient proof of compliance with the instructions, and replace the need for any receipt and are fully enforceable by the user. To this end, the User and BMPSA agree to give probative value of the certificates to be issued as a result of approvals or instructions given by the user, to the extent provided in the legislation.

k) Notifications. Shall be valid all notifications to Users BMPSA the primary email address registered by them and are presumed received no later than five working days of being shipped. Hereby understood as sufficient and reliable.

l) Legal Addresses. Is set as home BMPSA Carlos Pellegrini No. 91, Third Floor, City of Buenos Aires. The address consists of the People is the registered address by Users to BMPSA.

m) Jurisdiction and applicable law. The jurisdiction of the courts of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires is agreed to settle any dispute arising from this agreement, its existence, validity, interpretation, scope or compliance with and enforcement of existing laws in Argentina excluding any standard conflict of laws.